Fly Event: Jay-Z, Nas, Meek Mill & NBA All-Stars Celebrate ‘2K13′ Launch in NYC

27 Sep

I cannot say that I am a fan of video games; although, I did used to kill hoes on Mortal Kombat for Sega with Scorpion. “Come over here!” I may not be a fan of games but I am a fan of parties, so I knew I had to attend the NBA 2K13 Launch Party at the 40/40 Club last night.

It’s just a video game but when you have Jay-Z as executive producer for the game’s soundtrack and graphics that even I know look super real, they all add up to equal the ingredients of a dope party.

The 40/40 Club was the place to be last night; Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose all are the game cover athletes, and Durant and Rose both made appearances at the party. The party was a four-hour shindig with about 500 partygoers throughout the club, including the 200 upstairs in VIP.

Fly Girl Report:

NBA 2K13 Launch Party

Who: The video game doesn’t even come out until Oct. 2, but it’s never too early to party.

40/40 Club

Performer: Meek Mill, (I always want to put an s at the end of his name) whose hit, “Imma Boss” is on the NBA 2K13 soundtrack, performed for about 40 minutes. I mouthed along to his ratchet lyrics as he performed cuts of his mixtape, and his new single from his début album, Dreams & Nightmares, “Young & Gettin’ It.”

Celebrities I saw: While waiting to get inside, I met Jennifer Williams of BBW Miami, gave her my card and quickly snapped her pic. She met up with her girl NeNe Leaks once inside. Ronnie, Sammie and Vinnie from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” were there. I spotted Knicks player J.R. Smith, comedian Tracy Morgan, model Tyson Beckford, Fab’s jump off, Adrienne Bailon, DJ Clue, Bow Wow, Kris Humphries, Nas and Jay-Z.

Food & Drink: Whenever I go to the 40/40 Club, I’m always surprised that even though it’s open bar, it’s never top-shelf. Like come on Jay, you got me drinking Martini & Rossi Asti with Ace of Spades on the shelves of the bar. The food was standard bar food with sliders and chicken fingers being passed around.

Swag: The game doesn’t come out until next week so nothing was given out.

Recap: People show up when Jay decides to throw a party. Of course, DJ SNS rocked the tunes and he even shouted out The Fly Girl Guide! Food was flowing, Meek’s performance was dope and all had good times.

**Shout out to DJ SNS’ manager, Thomas Garcia for getting a sista into the party. I had to wait for a bit but he came through! Thanks boo! **


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