Dream Bigger!

1 Jul

Dream Bigger!

I have this great idea, instead of writing about beauty, fashion and music: how about I write something that has real meaning and will inspire someone? More specifically, why don’t I turn The Fly Girl Guide into a book for teenage girls? Even better if the book was a series that followed a 12-year-old girl from her first year to middle school to high school. I should call it, The Fly Girl Guide to the 6th Grade and the main character is trying to navigate through middle school with style and grace.

I think this idea might be a winner! I just need some help! I have never written a book before but I also never wrote a television script but I did and my professors at Yale University loved it. Now what if I go to school at the University of Cambridge and sit in a classroom for three weeks while learning how to complete a novel that will inspire young girls? I might have the right guidance to produce something that will change how young girls think and dream.

Sounds like a great idea right? But I need help. I cannot make it to England on my own so I am asking my friends and supporters for any monetary donation to help with my The Fly Girl Goes Global campaign! It’s a great cause that is more than me just traveling; I am looking to learn as much as possible so that I can give as best as possible.

#traveling #dreams #possible #goforth #global #flygirl


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