The Fly Girl Goes Global


You never know how God will use you or where he can take you, it’s through prayer and conversations and lining up your will with His that one can see that the possibilities are endless. I was listening to my Mary Mary station on Pandora and this one song just caught my heart, it was Israel & New Breed’s, “Take the Limits off/No Limits (Enlarge My Territory)” and as I was listening to the lyrics of the song, I realized that this particular song was a reflection of what I have been praying for.

In the past couple of months, I realized that although I LOVE New York City I need to take a step back from the city life to focus on my craft and do even greater things than slinging pasta at an Italian restaurant while sometimes writing. The Fly Girl Guide is flourishing but I kept saying to myself, how much better or bigger would the FGG be if I solely focused on my writings? I also have tons of other writing ideas that are lodged in my head waiting to come out but haven’t because I have not been able to correctly prioritized my time between trying to survive in New York City and writing.

After this realization, I started applying for writing programs that will force me to focus and to actually write in a collegiate setting. I was recently accepted in Yale University’s Writing Conference which will take place in June. For an intensive weekend in June, I will focus on revising my script for a pilot TV show (think 2013 Living Single).  Once accepted in the program at Yale, I proved which I knew to be true, I can write, I just need to light a fire under my butt to make it happen. I then decided that I needed to go further with my writing so I applied for a creative writing program at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Thanks be to God, I was also accepted into the University of Cambridge’s writing program where I will spend three weeks in late July working on my young adult fiction book (I am already on chapter three!) with esteemed professors and other writers. Now after having been accepted into two great programs, I said to myself besides writing for my own personal gain what else is next?

I then decided to take my skills of writing and editing to Africa to help with a start-up school in Tanzania. I am prayerfully traveling to Shinyanga, Tanzania in November to  help with the recently opened Anna Schubert Preschool of Shinyanga. The goal of The Anna Schubert Preschool of Shinyanga is to teach the children of Shinyanga English, give them exposure to books, reading and writing with an aim to expand their minds from an early age.  I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful endeavor  that will be extremely beneficial to the development of young children of Tanzania.

I have a lot going on! But these are all faith based trips, I am praying for an increase and for God to enlarge my territory meaning I am writing with a purpose and then using my writing skills to help educate others. I am looking to show young Black girls that it possible to follow your dreams and to do so with style and grace. I would love for all my friends and family to help me go on this great mission trip around the world. From Yale University to the University of Cambridge in England to Tanzania, Africa, I am seeking donations to help take me GLOBAL!

Your support will help me cover the expenses associated with my traveling, including:

-The University of Cambridge tuition costs, accommodation and fees
– Roundtrip airfare to and from the United Kingdom
-Roundtrip airfare to and from Tanzania, Africa
-Room & Board in Tanzania
-All Necessary Vaccinations

Thank you in advance! I also accept well wishes and safe travel prayers! Remember God loves you like crazy!  

Peace & Blessings,

Carla Thomas b.k.a Fly Carla


2 Responses to “The Fly Girl Goes Global”

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