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The Fly Girl Guide is changing! Be in the know NOW!

4 Oct

Hi Dolls!

@FLYCARLA here and I have missed updating The Fly Girl Guide but I am still writing and I have great things in the works! I am starting a new website called Style and Grace and it will launch in about a month. Style and Grace is a delightful blend of high- fashion and Christianity. Although I loved updating my fly girls with the latest fashion new, sample sale drama and parties, I wanted to change it up and create something more meaningful.

Until the launch, I still have great things to hold my fly girls over. I have a radio show called Style and Grace radio that takes place every Monday at 10:00AM on The show is archived so if you can’t listen to it live, you can listen to the show at your leisure. It’s a 30-minute talk show where I pray for my listeners, read scriptures and speak on matters of the heart. It’s a great motivational and inspirational show to help my ladies get through each week with style and grace.

I also started a text message subscription service where I send out daily original inspirational messages to help uplift my sisters in Christ. The messages are funny and REAL! I only send out messages that weigh on my heart! I send out scriptures or quotes to help my ladies laugh and think. It’s free to receive my messages and I only send out ONE message a day. To opt-in text styleandgrace to 555888.

So until the launch of my website please reach out to me via my radio show and subscribe to my Style and Grace text message service. You can also find me on Twitter: @flycarla, Instagram: flycarla and on Facebook:

I also want to my pray for my ladies! Send prayer requests to

Let’s keep in touch and please pray for me as I launch this new endeavor!

Get at me:

Be blessed fly ladies!


Carla Thomas


Fly Read: All The Sh*t I Don’t Like About Chief Keef

28 May



It must be the end of days when a non-talented 17-year-old baby daddy has a record deal and makes more money than most college graduates. With the recent Twitter confrontation between Chief Keef and Katy Perry, what Charles Ramsey said was true a white woman will only run into the arms of a black man when she is in trouble other than that she runs the other way. Here Katy Perry tweets her dislike of Chief Keef’s “I Hate Being Sober” track via Twitter and Chief Keef responds with a threat causing Kate Perry to retract her statement and apologize.

Now I am all for white girls apologizing to brothers but in this case how come no one has the balls to stand up to a punk 17-year-old? I mean here’s a guy who cried when he found out he had to go to juvie. I know chicks who took their weed charge and sentencing like a real G and this guy has guns in his videos and was afraid to go to jail; he was terrified of the same lifestyle that he promotes.

Somehow adults have become so scared of children that a person can’t even stand by a 140 character tweet. It’s not even just with Chief Keef but it’s a trend of adults being blatantly disrespected by some youngster than having no gull to stand up to the said child. Where do they do that at? Where is the village to help raise these children? In the case of Chief Keef, I’m not retracting my top ten reasons of what I don’t like about him.

Sh*t I Don’t Like About Chief Keef:

1. Unkempt locs is the sh*t I don’t like.

2. Black ashy lips from smoking too much weed is the sh*t I don’t like.

3. Jail tattoos on a bird chest is the sh*t I don’t like.

4. A group of shirtless bird-chested negros in a room with no girls is the gay shi*t I don’t like.

5. Shooting a music video in a house with no furniture is the sh*t I don’t like.

6. Getting a middle schooler knocked up and going to court for not paying child support at 17 is the sh*t I don’t like.

7. Missing a music video shoot with 50 Cent and Wiz Khalifa because you were getting high is the sh*t I don’t like.

8. High profile rappers remixing your tracks making you richer and more popular than other truly talented rappers is the sh*t I don’t like.

9. Disrespecting my favorite Cali girl Kate Perry is the sh*t I don’t like.

10. Having me write this article and then ask my homeboy if he thinks I will be safe if I post this story is the irony and sh*t I don’t like.


Don’t be scared of Chief Keef be scared of what he represents, he represents a selfish generation that doesn’t care about consequences, understand the importance of education or value life. The fact that he has a record deal shows the music industry’s mission to make a profit by any means necessary. They have given this guy a platform to showcase his ignorance when at most his videos and music should only be circulated within his groups of friends. Let’s not be afraid to fight against the deconstruction of our youth, we must stand for something or we’ll fall for Chief Keef.

Fly Read: Like Beyonce, I’m a GROWN WOMAN

21 May
Beyonce just released her “Grown Woman” song and as I’m listening to the song I think of all the grown woman decisions I am currently making. I’ve made a decision to leave a city that I love to create the life I wish to live. I’ve decided to pack up everything, station myself in Baltimore and use the next seven months to travel and write. This is void of others expectations, void of what some of my friends think I should be doing, and void of what my parent’s believe I should be doing. To me being a grown woman is having an independent thought, an independent thought is a thought that a woman makes without the influence of others, the media and pop culture.

A grown woman knows that not everyone is rooting for her, a grown woman knows that some of the people close to her will doubt her and while there will be MORE obstacles stepping out of her comfort zone, it will be well worth it. A grown woman knows there is nothing cute about playing it safe or playing small for the sake of others, she knows that there is nothing fulfilling about not seeking to be fulfilled. A grown woman knows that if it is in God’s will and she is abiding in Him, that the possibilities are endless.

Some women are walking around grown in age but still mentally and spiritually little girls. As for me, I’m getting my grown woman on.

The Weekend Guide

15 Mar

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Here’s my fly curated list of the top activities you should check out this weekend.


Foxy: The Complete Pam Grier Collection:


Starting today and through Sunday, the Film Society of Lincoln Center is screening all of iconic film and TV star Pam Grier’s movies. Grier will also be appearing at a few of the screenings, including tonight’s  screening of Jackie Brown, which will be preceded by a Q&A between Grier and Simon Doonan. There are tickets still available and you can check the complete movie schedule here.


Teyana Taylor does your nails:

Harlem singer Teyana Taylor teamed up with BK nail artist Christina Rinaldi this weekend for the Good Luck Charm pop-up nail salon at the new Adidas Originals event space at 365 Broadway. Those who love nail art can stop by for a limited-edition mani on Friday from 4:00PM to 8:00PM, on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00PM to 10:00PM. Click here to learn more.


Discover Healthy Foundation with Beauty Blogger Felicia Benson:

Discover Healthy Foundation with Beauty Blogger Felicia Benson
Beauty expert Felicia Walker Benson of This That Beauty Blog shows you how to find your ideal shade and foundation formula. Felicia is a highly sought after beauty authority and she will surely you up with the perfect foundation.  Find her today, March 15 at the Sephora Times Square, 1500 Broadway at 43rd Street from 5:00PM-7:00PM


Lift Off:
surface to air
This is the prefect time to score up to 75% off of parisian-cool rags, accessories and shoes. The Surface to Air sample sale continues until the 17th. Friday, March 15: 10:00AM-7:00PM, Saturday, March 16: 10:00AM-7:00PM, Sunday, March 17: 10:00AM-5:00PM;Location: 260 Fifth Avenue, New York, New York 10001


Sunday Winter Jazz Brunch at Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel:the-kimberly-hotel-new-york-upstairs-rooftop-560

Join Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel for the last installment of their Winter Jazz Brunch. This takes brunch to a grown and sexy level. When: Sunday, March 17,12:00PM – 3:00PM, Where:Upstairs at the Kimberly Hotel, 145 East 50th Street, New York, NY 10022

Talib Kweli w/ Cory Mo (LIVE full band show!):

talib kweli
Talib Kweli is your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. He is a stable of hip-hop and has been able to make music that entertains and educates. On Sunday, he will perform with a full live band at Brooklyn Bowl. Sunday, March 17, Doors: 6:00PM/ Show: 9:00PM, Tickets ($15) available at the door only. Brooklyn Bowl-61 Wythe Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

New Music: Fly Pod Playlist

12 Mar

Here’s what you should be listening to now!  Add my new fave cuts to your #flypod.

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia

“Money Party” by Kat Dahlia– This newcomer will give Rihanna a run for her money.


Lady (Nicole Wray and  Terri Walker)

Lady (Nicole Wray and Terri Walker)

“Get Ready” by Lady (Terri Walker x Nicole Wray) – I’ve been a fan of Nicole Wray since her, “Make It Hot” days with Missy. Now she’s back and partnered with English R&B and soul singer, Terri Walker for a super girl group called, Lady. Get ready because this joint is sexy and soulful.


Bridgette Kelly, Kendrick Lamar

Bridget Kelly, Kendrick Lamar

“Street Dreamin” by Bridget Kelly ft. Kendrick Lamar- Jay-Z is determined to make Bridget Kelly happen, for this new single she’s teamed up with MTV’s 2013 Hottest MC: Kendrick Lamar.


Paris 96

Paris 96

“Afternoon” by Paris 96 (Theophilus London x Jesse Boykins III)- Jesse’s voice is like butter on their first single and this track is perfect for an afternoon delight.




“Make A Little Room” by Jarvis- For the teenybopper in you.

Fly Event: Spread Love It’s The Brooklyn Way.

7 Mar

Spread Love Its The Brooklyn Way.

Spread love, Biggie, Brooklyn, hippie.

Celebrate the life and music of The Notorious B.I.G. this Saturday, March 9th, at Free Candy in Fort Greene, BK. With Rich Medina on the one’s and two’s, this is the perfect (and only party) to sip Private Stock while wearing your Versace shades indoors.


Who: Celebrate the life and music of Biggie Smalls

What: That Brooklyn Bullsh*t, WE ON IT

When: Saturday, March 9, 2013

Where:Free Candy- 905 Atlantic Ave, BK, NY 11238

Admission: $10 | $5 w/ RSVP before 11pm, RSVP HERE | Doors open 10:00PM

Fly Music: Kyan Kuatois’ “Bad Science”

7 Mar
Kyan Kuatois

Kyan Kuatois

I am so happy that I stumbled upon this song via The vibe of this song is so cool and I couldn’t imagine continuing into this year without knowing this guy! Kyan Kuatois is a singer/songwriter/producer from the UK who has an amazing raw soulful voice. He released an independent album called, Conversations in 2011 and is currently working on his new album. He occasionally posts snippets of his new music via his Facebook and Twitter pages.

Listen below to “Bad Science”:




Fly Read: A Pimp Named Joe Budden

5 Mar

joe budden

I despise Joe Budden. I’ve disliked him for a while but now that I have to see him on TV my disdain for him has grown. He just irks my soul to the core, if I follow someone on Twitter who retweets Joe Budden I unfollow them, I don’t need 140 characters of his nonsense on my timeline. The fact that this man gets females blows my fly mind.

I loved his single, “Pump It Up” when I was in high school, I loved his verse on Marques Houston’s “Clubbin” and most recently, I like his verse on Fabolous’ “Want You Back” but his personality leaves very little to be desired. I started to hate him when I saw how he was doing Tahiry on You Tube and World Star Hip Hop pre Twitter.

I would say to myself, who does this guy think he is to exploit someone? Joey talks so bad about females that I believe he is gay. Who disrespects the opposite sex like he does yet still loves them enough to be in a relationship with them? If he isn’t gay then he is crazy because only insane people do the same thing expecting a different result. This man dates the same type of females expecting them to behave differently. If he has a ring tone on his iPhone, I’m sure it’s Bell Biv DeVoe’s “Poison” because this dude is the ultimate sucker for a big butt and a smile.

My opinions of him were formed before Love & Hip-Hop but now after watching
Joe for over a month, I’ve realized that not only is he insane but he is also a drug addict. I don’t understand why grown adults try new drugs. Like you’re over 30 and popping Molly? Woo, you’re pretty lame. So now I have to question the females that are attracted to this man. I tried to like Tahiry but how can I relate to a female who has gotten into two fights over a man she isn’t even dating? After watching Love & Hip-Hop, Tahiry comes across as a bitter ex-girlfriend who just can’t move on. She seems to have nothing else going on except this dysfunctional relationship.

Joey’s new girlfriend is his naive concubine who doesn’t even realize that Joey is manipulating both her and Tahiry. There is a picture of Kaylin brushing her teeth in a thong on Joe’s instagram, so now not only is random nudity of one’s girlfriend passed off as art but what happened to respecting your woman? Just take the picture and keep it for your eyes only! He also has pictures of her sleeping in the nude and before Instagram he did the same thing with Tahiry.

Joe Budden is nothing more than a pimp who collects females and then exploits them. Although the stories of a pimp and his prostitutes vary, the gist is always the same: the pimp is a damage soul and so are the prostitutes. The difference between old pimps and these new aged pimps is social media and the fact that a female could be whored out and still get put on. So now it becomes two fame whores pimping each other.

I’m not taking away from Joe’s talent but his personal life is a hot mess and if he cleaned up house literally (for a man who loves taking pictures on instagram, his place is never clean) and figuratively, he might go further than performing at S.O.B.’s in New York. And if the women in his life figured out their talents besides finding the right angle via a camera phone, then they too could go just as far.

Carla Thomas
Writer and Fly Girl

Fly Event: DRE DAY NYC: Celebrating 20 Years of The Chronic

18 Feb


Ain’t nothing like a west coast party.

Go back to Cali tonight at the Dre Day celebration. Today is Dr. Dre’s birthday and the 20th year anniversary of Dre’s The Chronic and what better way to celebrate than partying? Listen to some of Cali’s finest while enjoying a free Bulldog gin (and juice) open bar.

The party and open bar starts at 9:00PM.

Who: A Dr. Dre B-Day celebration

What: Party on the east coast like you’re in Cali

Where: 285 Kent Brooklyn, NY

When: Tonight, February 18, 2013

Admission: $8 – $15, advance tickets are available here

Fly Event: Saul Williams at BAM FREE CONCERT!!

15 Feb


Poet, actor, and musician Saul William performs at BAMcafé Live tomorrow (2/16) following the premiere screening of his film, Aujourd’hui (Tey).

Named one of Film Comment’s Best Unreleased Films of 2012, Aujourd’hui (Tey) follows Satché’s (Saul Williams) last day of life. Though Satché’ is strong and in good health, he accepts his imminent death as he walks through the streets of Senegal, taking in the sites of his past as if he were looking at them for the last time: his parents’ house, his first love, the friends of his youth, and his wife and children.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Alain Gomis and actors Saul Williams and Anisia Uzeyman, and then the live performance by Saul Williams in BAMcafé.

Deets on the screening can be found here.

The live performance is free, starts at 9:30PM and is located at the BAMcafé- Peter Jay Sharp Building- 30 Lafayette Ave Brooklyn, NY 11243.