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Mad Style And Grace

28 Feb


It’s Carla! I wanted to reach out to all my fly girls and make sure you know about the fabulous changes that has taken place! I no longer update The Fly Girl Guide as I have launched a new website called, Mad Style and Grace! It’s a fabulous blend of fashion and Christianity. It’s been a long time coming and I’m so excited about this new journey of writing and creating and sharing my stories. Please check it out! It’s still fly, hip and cool but even better than The Fly Girl Guide!

Come on over and check it out!!



The Fly Girl Guide is changing! Be in the know NOW!

4 Oct

Hi Dolls!

@FLYCARLA here and I have missed updating The Fly Girl Guide but I am still writing and I have great things in the works! I am starting a new website called Style and Grace and it will launch in about a month. Style and Grace is a delightful blend of high- fashion and Christianity. Although I loved updating my fly girls with the latest fashion new, sample sale drama and parties, I wanted to change it up and create something more meaningful.

Until the launch, I still have great things to hold my fly girls over. I have a radio show called Style and Grace radio that takes place every Monday at 10:00AM on The show is archived so if you can’t listen to it live, you can listen to the show at your leisure. It’s a 30-minute talk show where I pray for my listeners, read scriptures and speak on matters of the heart. It’s a great motivational and inspirational show to help my ladies get through each week with style and grace.

I also started a text message subscription service where I send out daily original inspirational messages to help uplift my sisters in Christ. The messages are funny and REAL! I only send out messages that weigh on my heart! I send out scriptures or quotes to help my ladies laugh and think. It’s free to receive my messages and I only send out ONE message a day. To opt-in text styleandgrace to 555888.

So until the launch of my website please reach out to me via my radio show and subscribe to my Style and Grace text message service. You can also find me on Twitter: @flycarla, Instagram: flycarla and on Facebook:

I also want to my pray for my ladies! Send prayer requests to

Let’s keep in touch and please pray for me as I launch this new endeavor!

Get at me:

Be blessed fly ladies!


Carla Thomas


Dream Bigger!

1 Jul

Dream Bigger!

I have this great idea, instead of writing about beauty, fashion and music: how about I write something that has real meaning and will inspire someone? More specifically, why don’t I turn The Fly Girl Guide into a book for teenage girls? Even better if the book was a series that followed a 12-year-old girl from her first year to middle school to high school. I should call it, The Fly Girl Guide to the 6th Grade and the main character is trying to navigate through middle school with style and grace.

I think this idea might be a winner! I just need some help! I have never written a book before but I also never wrote a television script but I did and my professors at Yale University loved it. Now what if I go to school at the University of Cambridge and sit in a classroom for three weeks while learning how to complete a novel that will inspire young girls? I might have the right guidance to produce something that will change how young girls think and dream.

Sounds like a great idea right? But I need help. I cannot make it to England on my own so I am asking my friends and supporters for any monetary donation to help with my The Fly Girl Goes Global campaign! It’s a great cause that is more than me just traveling; I am looking to learn as much as possible so that I can give as best as possible.

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The Fly Girl Goes Global!

1 Jul

The Fly Girl Goes Global!

 I just received a donation! Help a sista out if you can!

Support The Fly Girl Goes Global Campaign!

1 Jul

Hey friends! The University of Cambridge is holding my place for their creative writing summer course but only until July 14th! I am humbly asking all my friends to donate whatever is placed in your heart! It’s an awesome cause and if you know me, you know how passionate I am about writing and how I want to be a great role model to young Black girls. There is more to us than being ratchet and a basketball wife! We are brave, fearless, sisters, mothers, wives, smart, sexy and more! We need to show that we can go travel the world and dream big!  

Thanks in advance!

Fly Read: Happy Hump Day!

5 Jun


For the past year and a half- hump day was my mid-week worship day. No matter what else I had going on in New York I made it my goal to attend Bible study; whether it was the noonday Bible study or the evening Bible study, I made sure that I attended either class.

Not a lot of people knew that I spent my Wednesday afternoons in church because most of the time as I would walk towards church, I wanted to tweet, “off to Bible study” but I would decide against it because of my fear of sounding uncool. There are times when I talk to friends or co-workers that I shy away from talking about God as if being a God-fearing woman makes me look corny.

But then I have to tell myself that there is nothing shameful about being a woman of God. Being a God-fearing woman means that I will suffer persecution and others won’t want to hear what I’m saying but I will keep writing about Christ, updating my status and quoting scriptures because my spreading the gospel is not in vain.

As I went to my last Bible study in Brooklyn last Wednesday (I moved back home to make Baltimore my base as I travel for the next seven months) the Pastor talked about how Christians tip-toe around the world. Not in a sense of being ashamed to spread the gospel but when trying to be Christ-like Christians practice a restraint that non-believers do not. As a Christian who strives to be Christ-like every day, I practice guarding my heart, loving my neighbor, loving my friends and enemies, being patient and watching what I say and do. It’s a conscience effort to in short- just be a nice person who genuinely cares about others.

Some people are showing you exactly who they are. Some people are showing you that they don’t care about you, they are showing you their selfishness, they are showing you that they are a thief, that they only love conditionally and they just might not be a kindhearted person. Our goal when seeking to live Christ-like is to not judge them but to BELIEVE them. Believe that friend who doesn’t value your time, believe that boyfriend who you just can’t figure out what his deal is or that girlfriend who values her Louboutins more than herself respect. They are showing you who they are; your goal is to show yourself approved to God.

Regardless of the world around you, as a Christian you are supposed to be hope in the mist of rubble. There is nothing shameful in spreading the gospel, being nice and being kindhearted. Continue to practice the restraint and the discipline that God asks of us, it’s not going to be easy and others will call you “fake” as you “tip-top” with a gentleness that they can’t understand. Honestly, as you follow Christ by reading the Bible, studying his word and fellowshipping with others in Christ, you are as real as it gets because HE is real.

Stay prayed up my friends.


Carla Thomas

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Fly Read: #NP Kelis’ “Protect My Heart”

24 May



One of my favorite singers Kelis just joined Instagram as SausageandBoots and as I was scrolling through her pictures, a song from her album, Tasty popped up in my head. Tasty was such a dope album and Kelis was always ahead of her time. You think Rihanna has girls copping her style? I remember interning in New York the summer of 2006 when Kelis’ I am Kelis album came out,  she had every girl in NY shaving half their head. That trend was all Kelis. She was the orginal good girl gone bad without the abusive boyfriend drama.

  “Protect My Heart” off of Tasty came to me because asking God to guard my heart is something that I frevently pray about. Guarding your heart is something that only God can do and it requires daily conversations with him. As a woman we have to be active, vigliant and careful about how much of our heart we give to a man. Some men are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing and if we aren’t asking God to guard our hearts than it is easier than one might think to get caught with a nasty wolf. You won’t think he’s a wolf because he’ll be dressed so nicely, he’ll have tons of swag, he will say everything you’ve been wanting to hear but there will be something off with him. Something that you just can’t pinpoint, something that even your friends can’t see and that’s when God is stepping in and telling you to step back.  

We all have the gift of discernment we just have to really be close to God to truly ultize it. When dating guys be prayfully of what, when and how much of yourself you give away. When you’re a single woman your main priority is to give your whole heart to God. Your heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek him in order to find you.  And don’t fret if a man isn’t currently pursuing you because Jesus is constantly pursuing you.  

Have a blessed weekend my friends. 

**I’m currently raising money for a great missionary trip around the world, The Fly Girl Goes Global ( If you’re a fan of my writings than please check out the traveling and writing journey that I’m about to embark on starting next month. Your support would mean so much to me! **


Carla Thomas

Writer and Fly Girl

Fly Read: Don’t Settle For Good Enough

23 May


How long will you go about your life without identifying your purpose? If you believe that life is nothing more than a social experiment then coast on, but don’t continue to take others on your purposeless journey. And sir, a wife is referred to as a “helpmeet.” You don’t need help if you aren’t doing anything. Life is more than just waking up, going to a job, hanging out on occasion, and going home to sleep and eat. You’ve been given a commission to fulfill, and it’s one that cannot be ignored. Don’t fear the adventure and passion that goes along with pursing a goal that goes beyond you and your lifetime. Clearly identify your part to play in this commission we’ve been given, and firmly commit to it! End the games, and exit the maze of mediocrity you’ve come to know.- Written by Cornelius Lindsey

I’m raising money for a great missionary trip and I would love your support! Check out my The Fly Girl Goes Global campaign, .

Fly Read: Nothing’s More Attractive Than A Heavy Praying Woman

20 May


“Nothing’s more attractive than a heavy praying woman
To a him when those and them been defecating on me.
Her would sense the heaven, and him when Andre omen
Baby I’m hell, save me, don’t bail…”- Andre 3000

3 Stacks said it best. As I am learning The Word, I have never felt any prettier. As I am starting to understand the instructions to live Christ like, I have more confidence, I’m more secure and I just feel really good. Living as a Christian gives me an inner beauty that no makeup could accentuate. It’s an inner beauty of knowing that if you give yourself away and let God live through you; you’re getting nothing less than the best.  God’s blessings are better than any human desires and they come by the way of faith and prayer.

Praying is the direct communication to God and it is vital for one’s faith and well-being. God instructs us to tell him everything and to pray with thanksgiving and petition. It’s not a cliché when someone says that prayer changes things! It’s true! God wants to bless you but he also wants you to acknowledge him and pray for exactly what you want. To serve God, you must humble yourself, give thanks, ask specifically for what you seek and then truly believe that your blessings will come.

It’s hard to believe what we can’t see but the blessings are worth it. Last year, I was praying for a new apartment. I loved my first apartment in New York and at first it was a blessing. I needed a place to stay, a friend hooked me up and I had my own little slice of Heaven in Bed-Stuy but within the last year, I was in dire need of a new apartment. My slice of Heaven turned into a hot mess, I was dealing with a slum lord, living without heat and hot water throughout winter all while trying to be a fly girl. I had no gas in my apartment for months because my landlord had me servicing the entire building with gas and it took ConEd months to figure out the problem and restore my gas. Unbeknown to most, I was attending Jay-Z parties and New York Fashion Week while showering at a friend’s house but even in the mist of my trails, God was still working. I then spent all of spring and summer battling my landlord in court; I was not paying rent for unsavory living conditions. I then was not only praying for a new apartment but while in my situation of going to landlord-tenant court I was praying for God to step in as a lawyer.

I battled it out with my landlord for eight months! The attorneys for my landlord had no idea that they were up against a young Howard University graduate with Jesus as her lawyer. Right before court, I would get down on my knees and ask God to step in as lawyer and once I went to court, I barely had to say anything. The landlord’s attorneys would put their foot in their mouths, God was working! Months past and I finally saw that my battle with my landlord wasn’t going anywhere. It was time for me to move, I wasn’t sad, God had seen me through months of tenant court with no lawyer so I knew he was setting me up with a new apartment. I left my apartment with no clear direction of what was next, I just packed my belongings up, stayed with a friend, continued on to work, continued to pray and exactly one week from the time I had moved out, I was approved for an apartment that I was interested in. It was a blessing! I had no idea the outcome, all I knew was that I had to step out on faith, continue to pray and believe.  God works! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He is ever so present and He is with us at every step. It’s not a myth or a fairytale, He is real! He is still present in your current circumstance- YOU ARE NOT ALONE in whatever you are going through.

Being a woman who faithfully prays is like a man finding a wife, it’s a good thing. I don’t just pray at night, I set my alarm at 6:00AM to pray in the morning because Psalm 5:3 (KJV) states, “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord ; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” Praying in the morning gives me the sense of protection and strength to get through the day. I ask God to see me to through my work shift, to protect me on the train, to guard me heart and thoughts and to protect my family and friends as they go about their day. I pray that God keeps me safe and sane because I could lose my mind at any given time! I could lose hope and once you’ve lost hope, you have lost everything.  Praying puts everything in prospective and it gets us through the tough times. What if we prayed just as much as we complained?  And even though I’m not here for my enemies, I pray for them the most.

Being a woman who prays through her situation is attractive; being a woman who knows that there is a higher power breathing in her direction is way more beautiful than any makeup contouring. As the work week gets underway, remember to pray your way through it. Pray for your coworkers, pray for your family, pray for your friends, pray for your foes and God will see you through it.


Stay prayed up my friends.



Carla Thomas

Writer and Fly Girl



The Fly Girl Goes Global!

18 May



You never know how God will use you or where he can take you, it’s through prayer and conversations and lining up your will with His that one can see that the possibilities are endless. I was listening to my Mary Mary station on Pandora and this one song just caught my heart, it was Israel & New Breed’s, “Take the Limits off/No Limits (Enlarge My Territory)” and as I was listening to the lyrics of the song, I realized that this particular song was a reflection of what I have been praying for.

In the past couple of months, I realized that although I LOVE New York City I need to take a step back from the city life to focus on my craft and do even greater things than slinging pasta at an Italian restaurant while sometimes writing. My website The Fly Girl Guide is flourishing but I kept saying to myself, how much better or bigger would the FGG be if I solely focused on my writing? I also have tons of other writing ideas that are lodged in my head waiting to come out but haven’t because I have not been able to correctly prioritized my time between trying to survive in New York City and finding time to write.

After this realization, I started applying for writing programs that will force me to focus and to actually write in a collegiate setting. I was recently accepted in Yale University’s Writing Conference which will take place in June. For an intensive weekend in June, I will focus on revising my script for a pilot TV show (think 2013 Living Single). Once accepted in the program at Yale, I proved which I knew to be true, I can write, I just need to light a fire under my butt to make it happen.

I then decided that I needed to go further with my writing so I applied for a creative writing program at the University of Cambridge in Cambridge, England. Thanks be to God, I was also accepted into the University of Cambridge’s writing program. I will spend three weeks in late July working on my fiction book geared towards teenage girls (I am already on chapter three!) with esteemed professors and other writers.

Now after having been accepted into two great programs, I said to myself besides writing for my own personal gain what else is next? I then decided to take my skills of writing and editing to Africa to help with a start-up school in Tanzania. I am prayerfully traveling to Shinyanga, Tanzania in November to help with the recently opened Anna Schubert Preschool of Shinyanga. The goal of The Anna Schubert Preschool of Shinyanga is to teach the Shinyanga children English, give them exposure to books, reading and writing with an aim to expand their minds from an early age. I am excited to be a part of such a wonderful endeavor that will be extremely beneficial to the development of young children of Tanzania.

I have a lot going on! But these are all faith based trips, I am praying for an increase and for God to enlarge my territory meaning I am writing with a purpose and then using my writing skills to help educate others. I am looking to show young Black girls that it is possible to follow your dreams and to do so with style and grace. I would love for all my friends and family to help me go on this great mission trip around the world. From Yale University to the University of Cambridge in England to Tanzania, Africa, I am seeking donations to help take me GOLBAL!

Your support will help me cover the expenses associated with my traveling, including:

-The University of Cambridge tuition costs, accommodation and fees
-Roundtrip airfare to and from the United Kingdom
-Roundtrip airfare to and from Tanzania, Africa
-Room & Board in Tanzania
-All Necessary Vaccinations

Thank you in advance! I also accept well wishes and safe travel prayers! Remember God loves you like crazy!

Peace & Blessings,
Carla Thomas better known as Fly Carla

P.S. Of course, I will blog about my travels and experiences abroad!