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Fly Read: Back to my Beyoncés

9 Mar



I used to be a Beyoncé hater. I used to call her, “Solange’s sister” just because I vibe with Solange a little bit more but truth be told, I was originally a Beyoncé fan. I remember I took my high school graduation money and went to F.Y.E. and copped, Dangerously In Love. I thought it was a great album, I knew the dance moves in her,  “Crazy In Love” video and “Hip-Hop Star” was my ring tone. I only started disliking her when I realized that her and Jay-Z’s relationship was serious. In my head she stole my man and I just couldn’t like her.

But my infatuation with Shawn has ended and at this stage of my life as a budding fly girl, I can no longer hate on another female who is making all the moves that I long to make. Beyoncé is a hard workingwoman but the biggest compliant heard about Beyoncé is that she never shows her flaws.

After watching Beyoncé on Oprah and then her own, “Beyoncé: Life Is But A Dream”, documentary, it is clear that even a mega star has insecurities and flaws but what makes Beyoncé so special is her work ethic and her understanding that she is a role model. Knowing that others are looking up to her takes her from just an artist to being a person who knows her purpose. After viewing the specials, you see that she is truly blessed and her blessings come from hard work and walking in her purpose.

In the recent issue of Vogue with Beyoncé on the cover, one quote stood out: “As her competition was spilling out of limousines, Beyoncé remained the knockout in six-inch heels who still gets home by 11:00 p.m. Responsibility over recklessness.”   Here is a superstar who goes out, does her thing, sets the world ablaze and gets home by 11:00 p.m. In an era of basketball wives, starter wives, and housewives, how refreshing is it to have Beyoncé? A woman who even the President said the superstar, “could not be a better role model for my girls.”

There is something to be to be said about someone who owns up to his or her influence and does everything with class. Just this week, I saw Rihanna’s ass again! I thought you just had to show your ass to get famous so why does a superstar insist on continuing to expose herself? When Beyoncé GQ cover hit online, the biggest gripe in the blogosphere was that Beyoncé didn’t have to stoop to the level of overt sexually because her talent speaks for itself. Although the complaint could be valid, here is pop star who has been in the industry for over a decade with no nude photo leaks, no drunken pictures, and no excessive sexiness yet she appeals to both men and women.

There is a theory called, The Law of Reflection, The Law of Reflection manifests in that which you resist in yourself, you will dislike in others. Many will continue to accuse Beyoncé of “not being real” or “not doing her”, as if doing less than favorable activities in the public eye accounts for one’s realness. What Beyoncé represents is a sophistication and class that is desperately missing in the industry and in young women. Beyoncé may not be the best reader, she may steal ideas from others and her father has totally groomed her but what Beyoncé seemingly knows for sure is that as a woman, you can get a lot further without being crass and showing your ass.

This isn’t an idol-worshiping article, it’s a simple observation that it is possible to work hard and have it all, while doing it with style and grace. In an era of narcissism and attention seeking, wouldn’t it be great to go to back to our Beyoncés?

Carla Thomas
Writer and Fly Girl






New flyness on the way!

5 Oct

Hi dolls! I first want to say, thank you for all your continued support! Your likes, comments, re-blogs and retweets really means a lot to me!

I’m working so hard that I have decided to change things up a little bit. My goal is to bring my fly girls, the best in fashion, food, music and events. I am making an effort to search New York City for the next gem that you as a fly girl need to know of!

So in effort to write great original content, starting next week I will post twice a week. On Mondays look for a list of the latest sales, a review of a new restaurant, my take on trends, a list of parties to RSVP for and more! Then check back on Thursday for a super-fly weekend guide.

The Fly Girl Guide is a work in progress and I welcome any feedback or suggestions.





Fly Fashion: The Fly Girl Guide on Vogue Italia

13 Sep

Owner of The Fly Girl Guide, Carla Thomas (left) and Style Blogger, Delecia Segree (right)

Who knew I would be on Vogue Italia’s website?

What I wore: Jacket: BCBG, vintage skirt, top and bag, my shoes are Steve Madden and my sunglasses are Chloé.

Fly Event: Girls’ Night Out with Wale

19 Jul

	Girls Night Out w/ Wale

“Oh yes it’s ladies night. And the feeling’s right.”

Today’s a great day to be a fly girl as Webster Hall is hosting Girls’ Night Out with a performance by Wale Folarin aka Mr. Lotus Flower Bomb. Girls’ Night Out includes free admission for chicas all night with four floors of dancing, live graffiti painting and more.

Who: Girls’ Night Out with Wale

What: A free club party with a performance by Wale

When: Tonight, July 19, 2012- Doors open at 10:00PM

Where: Webster Hall- 125 East 11th St., New York, New York

Admission: Ladies free all night!

Fly Read: The 27th Year

10 May

Last year’s birthday theme was flight. First thought of to convince my friends to go trapeze flying with me but when I look back, I was prophesying the year to come. Within a year, I flew into adulthood and I soared away from certain friends, exes, and jobs.

My 26th year was a year of handling the most difficult situations thus far in my life, for the most part by myself. It was my first time living alone, I broke up with a longtime boyfriend, and my entire family lives in a different city as do my closest friends. My 26th year was the realest. It was when I was in the mist of life storms that I got really real with myself.

And that’s how I learned how to fly. Once I stopped bullshitting and limiting myself and fully understanding how much power I constantly gave away; I took off spiritually and emotionally.

Yesterday, was my 27th birthday and I’ve deemed my 27th year- the year of light. This is the year of letting my light shine. I’m giving myself away to God so that He can use me and I’ll start to become the person he has truly meant for me to become.

This year I will not play small for the sake of others’ insecurities; this is the year of seeing how fabulous I can really become and I know it will be a scary journey. Marianne Williamson said it best, “Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us.” If I truly give myself away to God and really let him use me, the possibilities seem endless. This could be the year that The Fly Girl Guide pops off, the year I write my book, the year I become a stylist, or a talk show host, whatever my aspirations may be- this is my time and my year.

This is the year where I refuse to let outside influences determine my latitude; I refuse to become distracted by friends or by a man, I refuse to not use the gifts that God has given to me. This is the year to see what can truly happen if I just focus on letting my light shine. If I made it safely and sanely through last year with all the mess I went through, then I already have more confidence in myself than I did a year ago. I am already in a better place to let my light shine.

Williamson’s quote continues with, “And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” I am letting my light shine so that others can do the same. As I trek down the path of enlightenment, I pray that my family, friends and my enemies will find their own light as well.

This is not only my time or my year; it can also be yours.

Fly Fashion: The Deets to the Monica Botkier Sample Sale

2 May

Monica Botkier Sample SaleMonica Botkier Sample Sale
Monica Botkier Sample SaleMonica Botkier Sample SaleMonica Botkier Sample SaleMonica Botkier Sample SaleMonica Botkier Sample SaleMonica Botkier Sample Sale

Yesterday afternoon, I stopped by the Monica Botiker sample sale to see which goodies were available cause you know, a fly girl loves a discount.

This sale has something for everyone-it’s like a candy land filled with leather goods! Bags are organized by size, style, and color and a price listing with an accompanied photo are posted throughout the space. Current season items are 50% off and past season styles are 75% off retail prices.

Fly girls- now is the time to grab current season items. There’s the  Misha clutch for $150 (originally $345),  the Stella tote for  $225 (originally $425), the Eden hobo for $295 (originally $545) , the Nicola clutch $ 150 (originally $295) and Phoenix clutch for $ 175 (originally $345).

In the back of the sale, you’ll find one-offs and samples. Bags found here are individually priced and prices started at $50.

There’s a rack filled with both sample and stock shoes, sample shoes started at $35 and stock shoes at $50. Sizes varied.

There were small leather goods found near the cash registers, stock wallets priced at $75, sample wristlets and wallets are priced at  $25 to $50.

With good stock to choose from, this sale is worth a visit.

The sale runs through Sunday, May 6th. Sale hours are 11am-8pm Tuesday through Friday and over the weekend, hours are 10am-4pm. Cash and credit accepted.

Botkier Sale
225 Fifth Avenue, New York NY

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The Fly Girl Guide and Joelle by Marc Joseph Giveaway Winner!!!

14 Feb

Joelle by Marc Joseph

Congrats to The Fly Girl Guide reader Meghan Finley for winning a pair of these cute Joelle by Marc Joseph heart stud earrings! Thank you so much for reading and entering! I hope I have made your Valentine’s Day just a little sweeter! Wear them with love!




Joelle by Marc Joseph- I ♥ U EARRINGS

The Fly Girl Guide and Joelle by Marc Joseph Giveaway

7 Feb

Joelle by Marc Joseph
Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and since I love my readers so much, I’ve teamed up with a fabulous designer for The Fly Girl Guide and Joelle by Marc Joseph Giveaway.

Win these adorable sterling sliver heart studs from the Joelle by Marc Joseph Collection. This is a collection which honors relationships between friends, family, and loved ones by way of  simple, elegant and charming jewelry.


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Contest Rules:
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