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Fly Fashion: The Nicki Minaj Collection – Kmart

11 Oct










I don’t know about you but I love a good bargain and I had no qualms with heading to K-Mart to check out Nicki Minaj’s latest endeavor. The K-Mart around my way didn’t carry Nicki’s entire line as some of the shelves were bare but what I did see was promising. This isn’t a line for the timid or working women, but if Nicki’s goal was to create a line for her core audience than she definitely succeeded. This line is filled with loungewear and club clothes that hug curves. I tried on the jeans and honestly they fit like a glove, they had a high waist which hide my tummy and the back of the jeans didn’t gap like most jeans do. In fact the jeans are made to showcase your bum, the waist is high but the back of the jeans sit low, they go perfect with her crop tops. She also offered faux leather panel leggings, body con dresses, pink and cobalt blue blazers, netted sweaters and her signature captain hats.

Her accessories were on trend with cuff bracelets, collar choker necklaces and stud earrings and faux leather wrap bracelets. The hats are kinda cheesy as the material is vinyl and the off-the shoulder sweater with a jeweled diamond was giving me JC Penny little girl tease. Overall I think Nicki truly designed for her fans, this line isn’t for everyone but the same chicks who wear her perfume will probably love this line. The material is on par with Forever 21 pieces and the price is totally affordable. If matching your leggings to your jacket isn’t your style or rocking a captain hat with black and pink panel leggings, then skip this line. As a business woman who understand her niche market, I totally tip my captain hat off to Nicki.

Available at K-Mart, $4.99- $29.99


Fly Read: Show Yourself Approved

3 Jul
Image found on Necole Bitchie.com

Image found on Necole Bitchie.com

I was my making my rounds on my favorite blogs and reading the reviews of the BET Awards and the story about Meagan Good and her dress was a recurring article. The commentary about Meagan Good’s dress really hit home for me because I had a similar situation. I recently moved back home and am having a hard time adjusting from living by myself in New York to living with my parents back home in Baltimore. That being said I got into a huge argument with my mother about three weeks ago because she thought I was inappropriately dressed to attend Bible study and therefore would not take me. I felt like a teenager being shunned and reprimanded because of my outfit. I had on a romper topped with a huge over-sized sweater and flats. The argument was probably one of the most serious arguments I ever had with a parent and I was so angry for two reasons: one, I am a grown woman and I can wear whatever I want and two, here we go with a Christian who is my own mother -judging.

I was heated. When I was in New York I attended Bible study every Wednesday afternoon and since I’ve moved back home, it’s been more of a struggle due to family dynamics to attend church and receive the Word as I would regularly while living by myself. Unfortunately I yelled at my mother about how she was nothing but a hypocrite. At that time I really felt in my heart that she was. Here is my own mother concerned about my attire more than my salvation. I’m not trying to be holier than thou but here I am a young woman who is yearning to go to Bible study on a Friday evening. To me that is enough, there is no more discussion, we should have just went to the Bible study. To her, an old school Christian she was more concerned about the image I was portraying. I yelled, “what image? That I’m a young adult at a Bible study on a Friday night?”

More importantly I did not feel uncomfortable or under dressed, she was more concerned about her comfort level. I went on about how Christians are so quick to judge someone without examining the true intentions of someone’s heart. Christians should only be concerned with their salvation and bringing others to Christ. What someone wears has nothing to do with where they will spend eternity. I spoke of the criticisms of Meagan Good’s dress on Twitter and one follower said two things, which reiterated my point of Christians focusing on the wrong things. I tweeted that we need to be less worried about what someone wears and more concerned about their soul and salvation, she replied with, “would you be comfortable if your first lady had it (Meagan’s dress) on? Her comfort is in question, the comfort of her husbands congregation is question.”

In 140 characters I replied with, “I’m not sure if my comfort has anything to do with her wardrobe. I am more concerned about how she serves in church.” My follower then said, “and that’s true beneath it all, sure. However her husband is a well-known pastor that’s the issue people have.” But the real the issue is in this statement, “and that’s true beneath it all.” It’s the truth-not beneath anything. The truth about being a Christian is to serve and tell others to taste and see how good God is and not to be concerned about the material things such as a dress worn to an award show.

The reality is that there is a war going on in this world and there are people who walk past a church every day wanting to go in but do not because they are afraid of being judge. The argument with my mother continued that there are Christians who get saved and then sit on this high horse acting as if they don’t have a past and now are fronting that they are all holier than thou. No one can bring a person into the church by acting like a cute saint, how can someone see how God changed you and now uses you if you are sitting there as if there was nothing to fix? God rode in to Calvary on a donkey not a stallion meaning you don’t have to be perfect to be used. He uses the Meagan Goods to bring young persons to church.

We have to get past this image of what a Christian should look like because it is deeper than a wardrobe. Our salvation is serious and saving others and bringing others to Christ is when you are being about church business especially if you are a first lady. I told my mother that I am not a nun but what I am is a child of God who yearns to serve God in spirit and in truth. My relationship with God isn’t a show and I’m not interested in putting on a show when I attend church, therefore she needed to get over this romper.

This whole controversy says two things; a woman’s body will always be a topic (you can be sexy but not too sexy and you can’t make anyone uncomfortable) and two, we are focused on the wrong things. Here we have Meagan Good who speaks freely about God being condemned yet someone who blatantly disrespects God by calling himself, Yeezus gets a pass. I was reading commentary on Twitter about the BET Awards and when Tamela Mann started singing, “Take Me To The King,” I saw tweets from people saying that they hate the gospel part of the award show and how they turned the channel. This battle as a Christian is serious and it is more serious than a wardrobe choice.

It’s ridiculous that a stripper can get a pass but a woman who publicly professes her love for Christ is called everything but a child of God because you can see side boob. After arguing with my mother I ran out the house in my romper so determined on attending Bible study even if she was not going to take me. I grabbed my Bible and starting walking down the street towards the main street in which I knew I could take the bus to church. As I’m crying and walking I past a gas station and a high school friend who lived down the street saw me. I hadn’t seen this friend in years but he was right there at the right time asking if he could give me a ride. In the aftermath of a serious argument all I could think of, was look at God. He knew my true intentions! I was a crying mess walking down the street and he brought someone along to give me a ride to church.

I told him about the fight and he goes, “she had a problem with you wearing this?” What she thought was inappropriate, my high school friend, who confessed that he hasn’t been to church in over seven years saw a determined woman making her way to a place that he hasn’t stepped foot in, in almost a decade. He was a blessing and I was a blessing to him by showing that I’m a young and active in the church.

All which goes to show that you never know how God will use you. While some are waiting to be cute saints, others like Meagan Good are walking into their purpose with a plunging neckline. In hindsight and after tearful apologies from my mother and myself, we both admitted to being extra. As a child I am supposed to practice obedience and as a Christian my mother realized that she was being judgmental.

There are some modest dressed hoes and some inappropriately dressed Christians but if you are a follower of Christ, we must realize the severity of bringing people to Christ. It’s more than a wardrobe selection and how you think someone should look. While people didn’t approve of Meagan’s dress choice, ask yourself if you are showing yourself approved to God.

Carla Thomas
Writer and Fly Girl

Fly Read: #NP Kelis’ “Protect My Heart”

24 May



One of my favorite singers Kelis just joined Instagram as SausageandBoots and as I was scrolling through her pictures, a song from her album, Tasty popped up in my head. Tasty was such a dope album and Kelis was always ahead of her time. You think Rihanna has girls copping her style? I remember interning in New York the summer of 2006 when Kelis’ I am Kelis album came out,  she had every girl in NY shaving half their head. That trend was all Kelis. She was the orginal good girl gone bad without the abusive boyfriend drama.

  “Protect My Heart” off of Tasty came to me because asking God to guard my heart is something that I frevently pray about. Guarding your heart is something that only God can do and it requires daily conversations with him. As a woman we have to be active, vigliant and careful about how much of our heart we give to a man. Some men are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing and if we aren’t asking God to guard our hearts than it is easier than one might think to get caught with a nasty wolf. You won’t think he’s a wolf because he’ll be dressed so nicely, he’ll have tons of swag, he will say everything you’ve been wanting to hear but there will be something off with him. Something that you just can’t pinpoint, something that even your friends can’t see and that’s when God is stepping in and telling you to step back.  

We all have the gift of discernment we just have to really be close to God to truly ultize it. When dating guys be prayfully of what, when and how much of yourself you give away. When you’re a single woman your main priority is to give your whole heart to God. Your heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek him in order to find you.  And don’t fret if a man isn’t currently pursuing you because Jesus is constantly pursuing you.  

Have a blessed weekend my friends. 

**I’m currently raising money for a great missionary trip around the world, The Fly Girl Goes Global (www.gofundme.com/flycarla). If you’re a fan of my writings than please check out the traveling and writing journey that I’m about to embark on starting next month. Your support would mean so much to me! **


Carla Thomas

Writer and Fly Girl

Fly Event: Q-Tip Presents Offline, Powered by Giant Step

20 Sep

Ain’t no party like a Q-Tip party because a Q-Tip party don’t stop. The morning after the last Offline party in August, my feet were killing me! Q-Tip plays an eccentric array of music all night, he truly takes you on a musical journey. You’ll feel like you’re at a party in Queens, NY, then in Texas with down south bounce, and then you’re doing the salsa in South America and then back to NYC. It’s a dope party filled with tons of people just looking to dance and have a great time.

I’m wearing flats until then in preparation for Saturday.

Who: Q-Tip on the 1′s and 2′s

What: A real NYC party. Good music and good people.

Where: Irving Plaza- 17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003

When: Saturday, September 22, 2012

Admission: Doors Open At: 10:30PM Advance Price: $20.00 Door Price: $25.00 -Tickets available here.

Fly Beauty: Azealia Banks Partners with M.A.C for New Lipstick

27 Aug

Azealia Banks X Mac

Azealia Banks X Mac

Azealia is making moves! The 212 rapper and Queen of Twitter beef just inked a deal with M.A.C. cosmetics to produce a deep plum-colored lipstick called Yung Rapunxel.

The semi-matte  lipstick will be available online for $15 on September 5th via M.A.C.’s website and in New York stores  for Fashion’s Night Out on September 6th.

This color is right on time as I am in a need of a new fall signature lip color; it will compliment my chocolate complexion beautifully.

Fly Event: Q-Tip Presents Offline

17 Aug

The monthly Q-Tip party continues! Tonight, Friday, August 17th, Q-Tip returns to Irving Plaza for his third installment of his new monthly New York City party, Offline. Q-Tip will spin funk, jazz, hip hop, salsa,and Latin making the party a musical journey.

Who: Q-Tip on the 1′s and 2′s

What: A real NYC party. Good music and good people.

Where: Irving Plaza- 17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003

When: Friday, August 17, 2012

Admission: Doors Open At: 10:30PM Advance Price: $20.00 Door Price: $25.00 -Tickets available here.

Fly Fashion: Michael Kors Limited Edition New York Watch

17 Aug

I love New York and so does Michael Kors as he just unveiled his limited-edition New York Runway watch. This watch is an adaptation of one of Kors’ bestsellers and pays homage to his hometown. The dial displays the words “New York” in script embellished with a diamond at the number-12 index, while the case-back features an etched graphic of the New York City skyline. Only 2,000 individually numbered Runway watches will be sold at michaelkors.com and select retailers for $650.

Fly Event: Q-Tip Presents The Second Installment of Offline

17 Jul

Q-TIP Presents The Second Installment of Offline

The first installment of Q-Tip’s Offline not only included a thousand club goers dancing until early morning but celebs, J. Cole, Mark Ronson, Grandmaster Flash, and fellow A Tribe Called Quest members Jarobi White and Ali Shaheed Muhammad stopped by to get their dance on as well.

This Friday, July 20th, Q-Tip returns to Irving Plaza for his second installment of his new monthly New York City party, Offline. Q-Tip will spin funk, jazz, hip hop, salsa,and Latin making the party a musical journey.

Q-Tip says, “The first Offline party was so dope. People came and danced all night. It was so good, but we are definitely going to top it! Mark your calendar for quality music and dancing. We look forward to partying late with you!”

Who: Q-Tip on the 1′s and 2′s

What: A real NYC party. Good music and good people.

Where: Irving Plaza- 17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003

When: Friday, July 20, 2012

Admission: Doors Open At: 10:30PM Advance Price: $20.00 Door Price: $25.00 -Tickets available here.

Fly Event: Save the date! OFFLINE with Q-Tip On The 1’s And 2’s

24 May


Q-Tip on the 1’s and 2’s turns any venue into classic New York, he plays all the music I wish other DJs would play. From Mob Deep, to 98′ Jay, Big L, Big Pun, LL Cool J, Hard Core Lil’ Kim, Busta Rhymes, and A Tribe Called Quest. Q-Tip goes in. So I’m excited that next month, Q-Tip will start a monthly residence at Irving Plaza called Offline.

Offline is a party that will take you back to the real New York with real music and real people.

Who: Q-Tip on the 1’s and 2’s

What: A real NYC party. Good music and good people.

Where: Irving Plaza- 17 Irving Place New York, NY 10003

When: Friday, June 15, 2012

Admission: Doors Open At: 10:30 PM Advance Price: $20.00 Door Price: $25.00 -Tickets available here.

Fly Fashion: Socialite, 95, Collapses at Fashion Show and Dies

16 Feb

Zelda Kaplan

Death at a fashion show?

Sitting in the front row of the designer Joanna Mastroianni’s show, Zelda Kaplan, 95, a fixture of Manhattan night life, collapsed on Wednesday and was later pronounced dead. According to the New York Times, “Ms. Kaplan was known for her presence on the arts scene and at parties. She was the subject of a 2004 documentary, “Her Name is Zelda.” Material for the film described Ms. Kaplan’s evolution from a “typical suburban housewife” to “a beloved and eccentric creature of New York night life.”

Via nytimes.com