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Fly Read: #NP Kelis’ “Protect My Heart”

24 May



One of my favorite singers Kelis just joined Instagram as SausageandBoots and as I was scrolling through her pictures, a song from her album, Tasty popped up in my head. Tasty was such a dope album and Kelis was always ahead of her time. You think Rihanna has girls copping her style? I remember interning in New York the summer of 2006 when Kelis’ I am Kelis album came out,  she had every girl in NY shaving half their head. That trend was all Kelis. She was the orginal good girl gone bad without the abusive boyfriend drama.

  “Protect My Heart” off of Tasty came to me because asking God to guard my heart is something that I frevently pray about. Guarding your heart is something that only God can do and it requires daily conversations with him. As a woman we have to be active, vigliant and careful about how much of our heart we give to a man. Some men are nothing but wolves in sheep’s clothing and if we aren’t asking God to guard our hearts than it is easier than one might think to get caught with a nasty wolf. You won’t think he’s a wolf because he’ll be dressed so nicely, he’ll have tons of swag, he will say everything you’ve been wanting to hear but there will be something off with him. Something that you just can’t pinpoint, something that even your friends can’t see and that’s when God is stepping in and telling you to step back.  

We all have the gift of discernment we just have to really be close to God to truly ultize it. When dating guys be prayfully of what, when and how much of yourself you give away. When you’re a single woman your main priority is to give your whole heart to God. Your heart should be so lost in God that a man must seek him in order to find you.  And don’t fret if a man isn’t currently pursuing you because Jesus is constantly pursuing you.  

Have a blessed weekend my friends. 

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Carla Thomas

Writer and Fly Girl


Fly Read: Nothing’s More Attractive Than A Heavy Praying Woman

20 May


“Nothing’s more attractive than a heavy praying woman
To a him when those and them been defecating on me.
Her would sense the heaven, and him when Andre omen
Baby I’m hell, save me, don’t bail…”- Andre 3000

3 Stacks said it best. As I am learning The Word, I have never felt any prettier. As I am starting to understand the instructions to live Christ like, I have more confidence, I’m more secure and I just feel really good. Living as a Christian gives me an inner beauty that no makeup could accentuate. It’s an inner beauty of knowing that if you give yourself away and let God live through you; you’re getting nothing less than the best.  God’s blessings are better than any human desires and they come by the way of faith and prayer.

Praying is the direct communication to God and it is vital for one’s faith and well-being. God instructs us to tell him everything and to pray with thanksgiving and petition. It’s not a cliché when someone says that prayer changes things! It’s true! God wants to bless you but he also wants you to acknowledge him and pray for exactly what you want. To serve God, you must humble yourself, give thanks, ask specifically for what you seek and then truly believe that your blessings will come.

It’s hard to believe what we can’t see but the blessings are worth it. Last year, I was praying for a new apartment. I loved my first apartment in New York and at first it was a blessing. I needed a place to stay, a friend hooked me up and I had my own little slice of Heaven in Bed-Stuy but within the last year, I was in dire need of a new apartment. My slice of Heaven turned into a hot mess, I was dealing with a slum lord, living without heat and hot water throughout winter all while trying to be a fly girl. I had no gas in my apartment for months because my landlord had me servicing the entire building with gas and it took ConEd months to figure out the problem and restore my gas. Unbeknown to most, I was attending Jay-Z parties and New York Fashion Week while showering at a friend’s house but even in the mist of my trails, God was still working. I then spent all of spring and summer battling my landlord in court; I was not paying rent for unsavory living conditions. I then was not only praying for a new apartment but while in my situation of going to landlord-tenant court I was praying for God to step in as a lawyer.

I battled it out with my landlord for eight months! The attorneys for my landlord had no idea that they were up against a young Howard University graduate with Jesus as her lawyer. Right before court, I would get down on my knees and ask God to step in as lawyer and once I went to court, I barely had to say anything. The landlord’s attorneys would put their foot in their mouths, God was working! Months past and I finally saw that my battle with my landlord wasn’t going anywhere. It was time for me to move, I wasn’t sad, God had seen me through months of tenant court with no lawyer so I knew he was setting me up with a new apartment. I left my apartment with no clear direction of what was next, I just packed my belongings up, stayed with a friend, continued on to work, continued to pray and exactly one week from the time I had moved out, I was approved for an apartment that I was interested in. It was a blessing! I had no idea the outcome, all I knew was that I had to step out on faith, continue to pray and believe.  God works! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. He is ever so present and He is with us at every step. It’s not a myth or a fairytale, He is real! He is still present in your current circumstance- YOU ARE NOT ALONE in whatever you are going through.

Being a woman who faithfully prays is like a man finding a wife, it’s a good thing. I don’t just pray at night, I set my alarm at 6:00AM to pray in the morning because Psalm 5:3 (KJV) states, “My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O Lord ; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.” Praying in the morning gives me the sense of protection and strength to get through the day. I ask God to see me to through my work shift, to protect me on the train, to guard me heart and thoughts and to protect my family and friends as they go about their day. I pray that God keeps me safe and sane because I could lose my mind at any given time! I could lose hope and once you’ve lost hope, you have lost everything.  Praying puts everything in prospective and it gets us through the tough times. What if we prayed just as much as we complained?  And even though I’m not here for my enemies, I pray for them the most.

Being a woman who prays through her situation is attractive; being a woman who knows that there is a higher power breathing in her direction is way more beautiful than any makeup contouring. As the work week gets underway, remember to pray your way through it. Pray for your coworkers, pray for your family, pray for your friends, pray for your foes and God will see you through it.


Stay prayed up my friends.



Carla Thomas

Writer and Fly Girl




Fly Read: Eat, Pray, Love-BK Style

21 Jan


Sometimes the path to discovering oneself starts at home…


I can’t afford to take a sabbatical from New York to travel the globe and find myself, however, I am partaking in the urban version of Eat, Pray, Love right in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. My home away from home (originally from Baltimore) has turned into a breeding place for personal and spiritually growth.

Eating: I read somewhere that when a woman is single she should learn how to cook.  I’ve always been able to cook but now I’m really upping my cooking game and I’m taking my love for food to the next level.  I’m recently single and I am using this time where I don’t have to cook for anyone but myself to learn how to really maintain a healthy diet and track my food habits.

If I mess up a dish, my error in the kitchen goes into no one’s memory bracket but my own.  I’m constantly on the fence about becoming a vegetarian, so my dishes are less meat influence and more about the flavor.  Some dishes have been extremely successful, I can make a mean eggplant Parmesan (tons of fresh basil and sun-dried tomatoes), my favorite go to-sides are roasted asparagus with rosemary and olive oil with a sprinkle of sea salt and a baked sweet potato with brown sugar and butter. I enjoy cooking with fresh herbs and I try to find recipes that use fennel and capers.

I love trying all the different foods Brooklyn has to offer, from Court Street’s Wild Ginger to Williamsburg’s Egg. I get my dose of soul food from Peaches on Lewis Ave., and Peaches Hothouse on Tompkins Ave. I was in love with the Sun Brunt Cow in the East Village but I love the newly open Austral-Asian Sun Brunt Calf in BK even more.

I adore how food brings people together; cooking a new dish and sharing my meal with friends is my favorite way to entertain. Food transcends culture, provides comfort and is absolutely delicious. My love of food isn’t gluttonous; I’m just so thankful and blessed that I am allowed to eat well. Even when my money isn’t coming in, as I would like, I know how to make a meal with the lowest of funds. And I pray over each course, from the appetizer to the dessert, there are people who haven’t had a meal in days, and I thank God that I am blessed to have food for the nourishment of my body.




Prayer changes things. Sometimes, we think we are on the right path and God will come in and redirect you into the path he wants you to go. And this past summer, I experienced a huge heartbreak, not in the form of a guy but I lost something I believed was right for me. I thought I was on the right path and God shook me up so; that all I could do was trust in him. Learning to walk by faith and not fear is not an easy task, I’m human. I think I know everything and a few months ago, I could swear you -up –and- down that I was making smart sound choices.  But it’s through long talks with God, that now I know I am exactly where he wants me to be and trying to direct my own path is absolutely frivolous.


I see that God put me in Brooklyn for numerous reasons. I feel extremely blessed to have found a church home (Bethany Baptist) in Brooklyn where I had the chance to witness a great preacher before he left last December. Dr. David Hampton was a man who was all about the word of Christ. He didn’t change scriptures to make a point or for his own advancement, he just preached the word. Attending Bethany Baptist has strengthened my relationship with God; it’s a church that is filled with the spirit, whenever I am in attendance, I leave feeling spiritually full.


I often hear that I have a beautiful spirit, but I know it’s not my doing; it’s the God in me. I have total faith in God that on the days where I start to feel bothersome, I tell myself, if you worry, you don’t pray and if you pray, you don’t worry.

Faith is yes, but not yet.



I am in love! I am having the sexiest, steamiest and most ridiculous faithful love affair -with myself! I truly believe that the love of oneself is the best love affair you can have.

Everyday, I have the opportunity to fall in love with myself and it’s amazing how the sooner you love yourself, the easier everything else becomes.  I no longer get upset at things I cannot change about myself. I will never be model height, nor will I have hair that goes past my shoulders but I will love my petite built and I will rock my short pixie cut like it is nobodies’ business. I have also learned to give myself a break and have patience with myself. How dare I forgive others, over-look their flaws and not give myself the same courtesy? I deserve the same respect that I give others.  I know that I won’t be the same woman I am now in ten years but I am making sure that I am taking the right steps to become the woman who I can live with.


Trying everyday to walk Christ-like, I practice loving others. John 15:12 says, “My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.” While navigating thru the concrete jungle, it is easy to quickly adapt the NY state of mind, which sometimes can come across as indifferent to others and a bit rude.  Everyone is moving at a fast pace, personal space is limited, great customer service is rare and sadly with all the homelessness in New York, ignoring panhandlers has become second nature. But it is with the knowledge that I must love others that I strive to be nicer and kinder to those I encounter throughout my daily musings.


I saw a woman in Union Square with a sign that read, “ I want to stop prostituting, please help.”  True or not, how as a Christian can I not spare some change? Right before I saw this woman, I thought I was having a bad day, but here is a woman, who is just trying to make it thru the day without selling her body.  My bad days are nothing compared to her struggle.  Between the love of myself and loving others, I am filled with love, peace and contentment.


It’s amazing how you can find yourself in your own backyard. No need for me to take a trip to experience growth, my change came from within. And it’s a beautiful feeling knowing that I am on the path of enlightenment at such a young age. I can continue to grow into my own, securely and confidently. I look onto the new year with eager eyes, I know how far I have come and I know that whatever challenges that may come my way, I will eat, pray and love my way right thru them.



Carla Thomas

Writer and Fly Girl